• 1. What Amenities Are Offered?

    Here at the Hotel Sync we offer amenities that will make you question ever leaving the building! You can enjoy binge-watching in your living room/bedroom TVs, a full kitchen to live out your gourmet chef dreams, and a fitness center to work off all those vacation calories to be consumed. Further, we avoid the stress of parking garages and parallel parking and provide free parking. But wait there’s more! Our spa-style shower will make you forget you’re not actually at a spa on a tropical island somewhere.

  • 2. What Are the Standard Check In/ out Times?

    Check-In 3pm Checkout 12pm
    At the Hotel Sync, our check-in time is 3 PM, because we firmly believe in giving our housekeeping staff a fighting chance to clear out previous guest’s “forgotten” socks. And our checkout time is at 12 PM to serve as a wake-up call after your night of luxury in your very own personal cloud nine.

  • 3. Are There Early or Late Fees?

    We have a policy for early check-in and late check-out; we like to squeeze you in early or let you linger a bit longer to soak up the luxury if we can, but if the room is as booked up as your local library, we may have to kindly ask you to linger in the lobby or shuffle on so we don’t ask for your assistance with the complicated Dewey decimal system we have of sorting towels here at The Hotel Sync.
    Early Check-In fee $35 as early as 10am
    Late Checkout fee $35 up to 3pm

  • 4. Do We Serve Breakfast?

    No frozen reheat cinnamon rolls here. But we have fresh ground coffee, French pressed or an espresso drink. Our coffee bar is open from 6am to 10am and is complimentary for guests.

  • 5. What Is the History Behind the Hotel Sync?
  • 6. What Coffee Blend Do We Use?

    Not just your regular old cup of joe! Our coffee is, with an added allusion to the man himself Johhny Cash, Ring of Fire (Dark Roast) by Dean’s Beans from Orange, MA

  • 7. What Are the Best Places to Eat?

    When it comes to dining options near The Hotel Sync, we’ve got your cravings covered! Here are
    some of our favorites:
    Gerards Tavern: 935 College St. Bowling Green, KY 42101
    Sunday Closed Monday 5-9 PM Tuesday-Friday 11 AM – 2 PM, 5-10 PM Saturday 4-10 PM
    El Mazatlan:
    Garcias – Downtown: 360 E 8th Ave. Bowling Green, KY 42101
    The Bistro: 1129 College Street, Bowling Green,KY 42101
    Sunday 10:30 AM – 2 PM Monday Closed Tuesday – Saturday 4:30 – 9 PM
    The Melt Down: 900 State Street
    Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday 12-8 PM. Friday – Saturday 11AM – 9 PM Monday & Tuesday
    Chaney’s Dairy Barn: 9191 Nashville Road, Bowling Green KY 42101
    Monday-Saturday 11 AM – 8 PM Sunday 11:30 AM – 7 PM

  • 8. Can We Still Check in After Hours?

    Absolutely! At the Hotel Sync, we understand that sometimes the road to relaxation is paved with unexpected detours and roadtrip cravings. We have devised a plan for our nocturnal guests who arrive after 10 PM! Simply fill out our pre-check-in form before 9:30 PM, and we will work our magic behind the scenes to make sure we have everything ready for your fashionably late entrance. Think of it as a VIP pass to the land of sweet dreams.

  • 9. What Are the Differences in The Room Types?

    This information can be found under our website just off the main page under the tab labeled Our
    Suites. There you will find specific details about the individual amenities of each room with pictures
    and 3D renders of different room types. https://www.thehotelsync.com/bowling-ky-lodging/

  • 10. Whats the Layout of The Hotel?
  • 11. Is There Car Charging Availability?

    Yes! At the Hotel Sync, we’ve got you covered from “room keys” to “car keys.” Need a boost for your electric steed? Fear not we offer car charging availability, so you and your vehicle can recharge! We have two complimentary Tesla Destination chargers for guests to use at no charge. You can also bring a pig tail for use on your own EV vehicle. We have had Chevy’s / BMW’s / and many others charge at our stations!

  • 12. Whats the Cancellation Policy?

    Here at The Hotel Sync, we keep it simple yet effective. If you need to part ways with your booking, just let us know at least 72 hours before your planned arrival by 4 PM (so 3 days ahead of arrival). It's like giving us a heads up you can’t make the party, and we’ll definitely miss seeing you!

  • 13. What Is the Hotel’s Policy on Smoking and Pets?

    We do ask, in the best interest of keeping our rooms as clean as possible for you and future guests, that there is no smoking or pets inside The Hotel Sync.

  • 14. Is the Gym, Laundry, and Coffee Bar Free to Guest?

    Yes, all gratis with our compliments. None of that Brand X morning hotel breakfast coffee . Fresh ground and brewed to order. We do not have points or miles to buy your love but we have complimentary washer / dryer / detergent so no one goes home with any dirty Calvin Kleins.

  • 15. Are There Handicap Accesible Rooms?

    Yes, we have accessible rooms! We believe everyone should have the chance to experience the luxury of our hotel, regardless if they want to waltz, roll, or moonwalk through our doors!

  • 16. Are There Different Discounts Available?

    We all love a deal. The best deals are when you book on our website! I guarantee it. We have no impetus to offer lower rates through travel sites. It’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of the booking rainbow. So go ahead, give it a try and see for yourself. Your bank account will thank you, and so will we!

  • 17. Do the Rooms Have a Safe in Them?

    Yes, a little Fort Knox in every bedroom.

  • 18. What Are the Credit Card Authorizations For?

    We like to think of these as the bouncers of hospitality. This is to uphold the safety and security of not just our hotel but also your wallets. So just have your authorizations ready as your luxury stay is waiting!

  • 19. Why Do We Scan I Ds?

    We scan IDs here at The Hotel Sync so we can greet you like old friends. It lets us know who is here with us and make sure we’re not selling the room to a stray cat with a convincing fake mustache.

  • 20. Do We Have a Pool?

    While we do not have a pool for the kiddos to swim in, we have a pool table on our second floor to rack up the fun!

  • 21. Whats the Minimum Age Requirement?

    Here at The Hotel Sync, we ask that you are 18 or older to reserve a room. Because at 18, you’re legally an adult, but still young enough to appreciate hotel freebies, like the complimentary slippers we have!

  • 22. Do We Have Rollaway Beds And/or Cribs?

    Yes! Fear not, we have both! Go ahead, invite the whole extended family—we've got the sleeping arrangements covered! This is offered for our 2Qs, KS, and KPS, however to give everyone enough space to enjoy the luxury, this is not offered for KDS reservations.

  • 23. Who Should They Contact to Modify/ Cancel a Reservation?

    The answer is simple! Just call us at 270 745 0123. We're not just a hotel, we’re your friendly neighborgood reservation rescuers, saving your vacation one phone call at a time!

  • 24. What Is Canary?

    Canary is your new best friend during your stay at The Hotel Sync! It’s our way of staying in touch with you during your stay, keeping you updated if things change, from check-in information to weather updates, we are always here for you!

  • 25. Why Should Guests Pre-Check In?

    Checking in early online at The Hote Sync is like taking the express lane on the highway to relaxation. It makes everything a little smoother and faster when you arrive!

  • 26. Important Hotel Contacts?

    For all your hotel-related emergencies, existential crises, or just to say hi reach out to us at 270 745 0123 or contact us by email at Preetesh@thehotelSYNC.com

  • 27. Complimentary Room Amenities? (slippers, Ear Plugs, Shower Cap, Lotion, Coffee)
  • 28. How Are the Rooms Cleaned?
  • 29. Where is The Hotel Sync located?

    Finding us is as easy as following the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of relaxation echoing through the halls. But our exact location is 518 Corvette Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101

  • 30. Proximity to The Corvette Plant + Museum

    The distance while may be perceived to be walkable in mileage, we do have a friendly word of caution: there’s a highway in the way. Needless to say, we are very close to the prime destination, less than one mile, for automotive enthusiasts ready for your arrival!

  • 32. How Many Garages Can I Book?

    We allow one garage per reservation for the room. Because we believe in giving your car its own VIP experience.