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Aug. 2022



Aug. 2022





Explore mammoth cave

17 miles from hotel - 20 minutes drive

Located just 17 miles from Mammoth Cave National Park, The Hotel SYNC puts guests near one of the most unique and popular attractions in Kentucky. Featuring over 400 miles of surveyed pathways, Mammoth Cave is by far the longest known cave system in the world. In fact, the Central Kentucky Cavelands is also home to Diamond Caverns, Hidden River Cave, Lost River Cave, Mammoth Onyx Cave, Onyx Cave, and Outlaw Cave. 

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Outdoor Recreation

In addition to the caves, the area also offers great water recreation on the lakes and rivers. Guests are invited to enjoy fishing, boating, water skiing, swimming, and canoeing. The scenic rolling countryside is also a great place to relax and enjoy a picnic.

Fun For All

Fun for the whole family there are several other attractions worth exploring at Mammoth Caves including a zoo, zipline rides, horseback riding, balloon rides, and much more. A perfect way to spend the day or a whole weekend Mammoth Caves offers history, culture, and unique wildlife you won’t find anywhere else.